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Jennylyn Mercado at Dennis Trillo, Nag-panggap na mga Performer sa LRT1

Nowadays, celebrities tend to update and post something for their fans through their social media account.

Jennylyn Mercado, Filipina actress, singer, and songwriter, and the first season winner of Starstruck reality tv show aired in GMA7.

She is one of these celebrities, together with her long term boyfriend, Dennis Trillo, a Filipino actor, model, and recording artist.

In her youtube channel segment “Jenden Survives” she asked her followers to challenge her on a dare, anything that they wanted Jen to try on the comment section, a follower with the username of Jhennie09 dared Jennylyn and Dennis to perform on the street, with disguised. Saying she wanted to know if people would be fair and still listen to them perform even if they are just ordinary people singing on the streets.

August 3, 2019, Saturday around 10 o’clock am at LRT-1 Roosevelt the couple performed disguised as PWD’s, they serenade the passers-by who stopped as they listen to the couple sing.

Many gave donations as they were amazed by them and thinking they needed money. They were even more surprised as the actress takes off the scarf that covers her face and followed by Dennis taking off his own disguised and continue serenading the crowd.

People cheered for the celebrity couple. At the end of their performance, they thank Vivian and Jericho, the PWD’s who lent their spot at the LRT-1 for the said performance. The couple did this as a reminder to the crowd that PWD’s needed help from them.

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