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John Lloyd and Ellen’s relationship allegedly was experiencing problem even before Elias’ first birthday

Keeping a family somehow looks easy for every individual, specifically for some who aren’t there yet, but it seems like almost every celebrity couple are having a hard time on their own family cases.

John Lloyd Cruz and Ellen Adarna’s relationship is allegedly facing a problem even before their son, Elias’ first birthday and there is an allegation that they already broke up.

Lloydie and Ellen is one of the celebrity couples which brought surprise to many when they revealed their relationship. After the actor’s failed relationship in the past, showbiz fans thought that he finally found happiness with the daring actress.

He was seen several times enjoying a simple life, away from glitz and glamour of showbiz. With also giving their fans a thought of a long-lasting relationship of both of them.

However, a previous report stated that a “super reliable source” of entertainment columnist Salve Asis shared that the couple already broke up. Allegedly, it was Ellen who initiated the breakup because she just woke up one day realizing that she does not want to live with John Lloyd anymore.

The rumors surprised many, especially the fans who have been expecting them to get married. Although there was a report recently from Philippine Entertainment Port that their relationship was already on rocks even before their son’s first birthday, June 27, 2019.

Ellen and his son was recently spotted with a close friend Beauty Gonzalez in Bangkok but without Lloydie. That was also the same time that rumors about their alleged breakup surfaced.
Ellen, allegedly, opened-up to a friend last month about this, based on the report.

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