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Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson’s sexy and sweet dance number gets viral after controversy

Almost a month has passed since the controversial third-party issue among Bea Alonzo, Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto became the talk of the town and the online community. Although weeks have passed, the netizens seem not yet over any materials involving the three Kapamilya actors.

Some online users were busy taking notice of Julia and Gerald’s sexy dance number in ASAP, while they were promoting their movie “Between Maybes” way back in April this year. While some netizens were also busy creating memes about the various angles of the controversy, and some celebrities and even high profile government employees joined the trend. The said dance number video once again circulated online and earned more views from curious netizens.

The video showed Julia and Gerald in a sexy interpretative dance where Julia was lifted by Gerald. The dance actions also led the netizens to speculate about the two’s brewing romance because of how comfortable they were on TV.

Gerald already clarified that Julia was not involved in his break-up with Bea. Through an Instagram post, Julia released a statement that she wanted to dissociate herself to the former couple’s break-up story.

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