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Julia Barretto Ibinunyag Ang Tunay Na Nararamdaman Niya Ngayon Kay Joshua Garcia

Teen actress Julia Barretto disclosed the role of the teen actor Joshua Garcia, her love team partner and former boyfriend, in her life now after they announced their breakup.

JoshLia love team fans have long been suspecting that the two are in a relationship. Due to their similar post stating “DOS” earned speculations that they were indeed in a relationship with each other. Supposedly, that was their way of saying that they were celebrating their second anniversary. But, last month, their fans accepted the truth from them and still expressed support for their tandem, as they revealed in an interview that they are back to being best friends.

Recently, Julia was linked to her Between Maybes leading man Gerald Anderson which in return received bashing from the netizens. She was reported as the third party who went between Gerald and former girlfriend Bea Alonzo. But amid the bashing, Joshua showed support to his love team partner and Julia is thankful for that.

Philippine Entertainment Portal cited a recent report from Julia‘s interview wherein she disclosed the role of Joshua Garcia in her life. The young actress said that she still loves her ex-boyfriend.

“I love Joshua. I love that guy. I will love that guy until my last breath,” she said.

Julia shared the value of her love team in her life. When asked why she still loves the young actor even though they break up. “Very supportive and very understanding of so many things and the guy knows me very well. So whatever happens in life, the guy knows me very well. He knows my heart, ” the young actress said.

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