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Lalakeng British, Napaiyak Matapos Mapanuod Ang Movie Ni Alden At Kathryn na ‘Hello, Love Goodbye’

A video of a British guy who cried after watching ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ went viral on social media. It is another masterpiece made by the prominent director Cathy Garcia-Molina which actress Kathryn Bernardo and actor Alden Richards are the main cast. The said movie ‘Hello Love Goodbye’ earned over P30 million on its first day of showing. And based on Star Cinema the film earned over 300 million in just one week.

In the video, the man’s companion laughed at him as he tried to wipe the tears from his face as he tried to stop the woman from taking a video of him. But he ended up covering his face with his shirt. The movie undeniably touched the guy’s heart.

The said viral video earned some comments from the netizens:


@mhy_ar: “bumigay din ang ibang lahi sa pagnood ng #HelloLoveGoobye naiyak eh! nadala ng emotion. Galing nyo .CONGRATS!!”

@rhodarvalencia: “Magaling kasi sila preho at alam nila dinala ang role”

@LOsotser: “Hindi lang mga pinky ang pinaiyak ng hlg hihi,meaning so ganda ng movie”

Clearly, Filipino movies don’t only touch Filipino hearts, right guys?

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