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Lalaki Gumawa ng Napakalaking Portrait ng Kanyang ‘Crush’ Gamit ang 840 Rubiks Cubes Ngunit Basted Pa Rin Ito

Wooing a woman has been always a romantic thing to do, one should do it perfectly so you would get her sweet “yes”. Many men use different styles to woe the woman of their dreams. Doing efforts, showing sincerity and of course, doing creative things to express their feelings.

Tong Aoanan, a romantic nerd gone viral. Why? He just did an impressive feat. He created a massive portrait dedicated to the girl of his dreams. What’s more about his work though was his medium of choice – Rubik’s cube.

To complete the one-of-a-kind project, this 27-year-old mechanic shelled out a total amount of $460 and used 840 cubes. On top of that, he spent about two months mapping out the cubes’ color schemes and three sleepless days to finish the gigantic 7.8ft x 13.5ft portrait.


It took him 2 months of planning and 3 sleepless days to get the project done. Even with a lot of effort, he was, however, rejected by the girl of his dreams.

“I simply wanted to surprise her and tell her I like her… but I was rejected.” Aoanan said.

Although obviously heartbroken Aoanan said he doesn’t want the negative experience to bring him down, although he was obviously very heartbroken.

“I’m not giving it too much thought,” Aoanan added.

What do you think would Aoanan do with the portrait now guys?

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