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Lalaki na May Kapansanan, Napabilib Ang Mga Netizens Dahil sa Mga Obra Niyang Ito

Disability is not a hindrance to do successful things. Indeed, it is. A disabled man from Purok Don Juan, Barangay Kenram, Isula, Sultan Kudarat amazed the netizens by his very own miniature coin bank houses. Making a miniature house like what architects do is a difficult task to make and needs to be done thoroughly. It requires a lot of planning, talent, and skills that are adequate for the design.

A Facebook post from a certain Baby Princess Lila Gamboa brought astonishment to the netizens. According to her, Edgar Lopez Celis made those different designs and very colorful miniature coin bank houses made out of cardboard and very durable. She did not state in the post what is Edgar’s disability, but everyone could see his skinny body while his hands are quite bent in the photos attached to the said post.


Making these miniature coin bank houses started only as a past time hobby until people noticed this and eventually like it. He started selling it and become his livelihood. It takes 1 week to 1 month of planning and making one house. It also depends on the size and what the customers’ preference is. Edgar is the only one who does all the work from arranging the cardboards to painting and drying it. He meticulously did every tiny detail of the house like the windows, doors, stairs and what’s more, there is even a light inside the house! Amazing, right?

The miniature coin bank house costs around 500 to 3000 pesos, depends on the size and the design of the house. If you are interested to order one, you can contact them on their Facebook account or you can call Edgar directly in his number 0935-610-1046 or 0956-335-8152. Undeniably, Edgar Lopez Celis is one of the million proofs that disability can’t stop you from showing your talent to everyone through his miniature coin bank houses. What can you say about Edgar’s one of a kind talent?

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