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“MALA TELESERYENG MOMENT” Isang Babae, Ipinatigil ang Kasal Na Ito at Sinasabing Siya Ang Legal Wife ng Groom na Ikakasal

Marriage is a holy sacrament and vow between the bride and groom to be with each other through ups and downs, and only death can part them. However, some people fall out of love from their partners, getting a divorce is very common in other countries, but in the Philippines, lawmakers are still studying it if would allow that in our country too.

Not long ago, Facebook Page of Makisayod shared a video of a woman stopping a wedding ceremony that went viral. It was like watching a real-life movie, as the woman walked down the aisle while carrying a brown envelope in her hand as she stated that she’s the legal wife of the man that’s about to get married. That’s probably documents proving they are married. Shocked was evident in the guests’ faces.

Guests are probably wondering how the guy got a Certificate of no Marriage. It is a civil document that serves as proof of singleness and can be obtained at the Philippine Statistics Office. Either the groom submitted a fake ‘cenomar’ or the woman claiming to be his wife holds fake documents.

Here are some comments on the post from the netizens:
@Celsa Anora: “peke and dokumento pinakita ng lalaki”
@Karen Abalos Areola: “My kakilala akong ganyan. Nakasal sea sa iba habang kasal sa unang asawa. Ginawang ng paraan. Fixer kumbaga”
@Althea Bethany Rocolcol Marilao: “parang movie lang ah”

What do you think about these guys?

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