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Paghihiwalay Di-umano ni John Lloyd Cruz at Ellen Adarna: Source Ibinunyag Ang Umano’y Dahilan Ng Paghihiwalay ng Dalawa

Last August 5, the alleged breakup of the controversial couple, former daring actress Ellen Adarna and the A-list actor John Lloyd Cruz flare-up online and on various showbiz sites. It was said that Ellen was the one who decided to end their relationship.

A source close to the couple revealed something about the aspect of financial support amid their alleged breakup. The problem of the couple occurred even before their son’s first birthday, in which they were spotted doing a big celebration. During the issue, it was allegedly said that the former daring actress filed the temporary protection order against the A-list actor, and is not allowed to go near to Adarna and their son anymore. But, until now, that remained a rumor.

The latest report stated that the alleged cause of their fights was due to Ellen’s desire to go back to showbiz. Apparently, Lloydie does not want that to happen and so the disagreement occurred. It was also alleged that the Cebuana celebrity can’t stand the “weirdness” of the actor anymore. But all through this issue, the couple is keeping their silence.

A source who is close to Ellen Adarna shared about the financial support aspect recently reported from Philippine Entertainment Portal. The Adarnas is known as one of the wealthiest families in Cebu. But behind her clan’s wealth, she is firm to set forth into show business far away from their hotel, resort, condominium, and motel businesses.

As stated in the article, Ellen is not expecting any support from John Lloyd Cruz behind the fact that they now have a child.

“Hindi naman kailangan. Mayaman si Ellen. I don’t think issue nga yun. I don’t think nga kung pinag-uusapan pa yun kasi mas mayaman naman si Ellen kay Idan (John Lloyd),” the source shared.

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