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Pakulo ng Isang Teacher sa Mga Test Folder ng Mga Estudyante, Viral sa Social Media Dahil sa Mga “Hugot Lines” Nito

Exam days are like hell week for students, as for the teachers this is the evaluation day if the students learned what they taught to them. And during exams, some students cheat just to pass and get good grades, however, once they are caught teachers’ hearts are broken knowing their students did not learn anything they taught and of course they did not practice the values of being an honest individual.

Lenard Lanting Tolentino shared photos on his Facebook account some extremely amusing messages on the ‘anti-cheating’ folder of his students. He relates the messages to some of the trending topics of the country today, such as Gerald Anderson’s alleged cheating issue and ‘You Do Note’ girl’s famous line.

“Warning! No Gerald Anderson”
“You do note my answer is mapeyk!!”

Some of the messages are “hugot lines” or humorous love lines.

“Pareho lang kayo ng ex ko. Nandito na nga ako. Lumilingon pa sa iba. Ikaw ba si Gemma? Gemmakuntento?!!”
“Pag tumingin ka bagsak tayong DALAWA”
“MATAPANG ka Kumopya Pero sa Kanya DUWAG KA”

There is also a requirements list on how to legally copy the student’s seatmate while others were jokes about cheating.

“Cheating is a SIN. If you cheat, your grade is also a sin 5inco”
“Once A Cheater Cheat they Cheat the Cheat to Cheat and hey Cheat Chirit Cheat Alibangbang Salaginto Salagubang”
“Sigi ka Mas bobo ako Sayo”

Isn’t it amusing guys? What do you think?

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