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Python covered with Hundreds of this rescued by vets

People loves interesting stories, facts and trivias, well just to fill our curiosity, without killing the cat eh? Fascinating ones and sorts, serious or even just some that we didn’t know about or not having even the slightest hint of things actually being possible, mostly regarding to animals.

Almost every person fears snakes but some are enthralled about these creatures, who couldn’t possibly be? When it comes to its vicious looks, characteristics and well, its predatorial attributes; fangs, venom, and strong muscles, not to mention its sense of smell using its tongue, eek.

Despite it’s fearsome qualities, snakes are also fragile and well, as a reptile, you just not might take this seriously, they could also get feasted upon by ticks. Some might already know about this but the people who already knew about this case are probably some who always had common close interaction with snakes, scientist or vets, and snake pet owners or catchers.

In Australia, a Gold Coast snake catcher is getting a lot of attention online after rescuing a snake covered in more than 500 ticks as it was trying to drown them in a swimming pool. Tony Harrison who is from Gold Cost and Brisbane Snake Catcher was called out to deal with the animal and live-streamed the whole thing on social media. Just a glance at the animal is enough to make you feel just creepy crawly. Some of the ticks are large and look like scales, while others are tinier and reminiscent of a deer tick you’d see in America.

According to Diply, entire ordeal was live-streamed and Harrison could hardly contain his reactions: “He’s got hundreds of ticks on him. That’s why he’s in the water, trying to drown them down… I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve done this for 26 years and this is the worst I’ve ever seen.”

The number of ticks the python, Nike, had on its body totaled 511 and it took vets an hour to remove them all. The python was being treated for an infection and it is likely how the ticks were able to overcome the animal: “We can’t help but wonder if the snake is already sick and old… they have lower immune response to parasites, so you do tend to find a lot of ticks on sick animals. “
Luckily, the snake is doing well now and should be patient for a while:
“Nike is a little bit more sprightly today… [although] he does have an infection they are treating him for and that’s probably why his health was compromised enough for ticks to get the better of him”, the ticks on the snake were both male and female, with the males just waiting around for a female to show up for you know what. Most of the ticks weren’t there to eat, they were there to mate. They attach to the snake and then wait for a female to arrive: “For a male tick this is a disco or nightclub, they’re there waiting for females to attach and feed.”

Comments are pouring in on Gold Coast Snake Catcher’s Facebook post. One person said, Nike has a huge fan club supporting him. However, there are also some people who were seriously disturbed by the video. No one wants to see that many ticks first thing in the morning (or ever).

One thing is for sure watching that video will definitely trigger your creepy crawly feels, sending you itching at the slightest hint that there just might be a tick on you (there probably isn’t but it doesn’t hurt to check). Gold Coast posted an updated photo of Nike, with the caption: “Nike looks so much better thanks to Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation.” It’s great to know he’s doing better!!!
Well, as far as with we just discovered, we hope for his recovery to continue so that he, Nike could live freely and away from all those creeping little things on his body.

Fascinatingly creepy, right?

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