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Remember Serena Dalrymple? A Former Child Star Known By ‘80s and ‘90s Kids Is Now A Working As A Manager In New York City.

Remember Serena Dalrymple? A former child star known by ‘80s and ‘90s kids is now a working as a manager in New York City. She was loved because of her wits, charm and her talent for acting. Her roles before varies from comedy to drama.
In showbiz there is called “awkward tween years” where an actor or actress is too old to do child roles yet too young to for older roles of her age. Serena was stuck in this dilemma and the spotlight started to fade away from her.

Many may have wondered what here life after showbiz has become. She is now a successful manager at the “Big Apple”. She was very positive as seen on her post on Instagram with the caption, “Own your season. Dream about what is ahead of you. Take responsibility of what is in front of you.”

She then tells about her life there in New York, “This week I got a sneak peak of my new job and finally secured an apartment here in NYC. More importantly, I attended @hillsongnyc for the first time (same building as my work! How awesome is that?? Excited to be a part of this family!) “
Serena stayed in Los Angeles before she went to New York to venture for opportunities. It is difficult for her to be far from her family in order for her to follow her dreams.

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