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“SPIDERMAN NG PINAS” Konduktor ng Bus Nag-ala Spiderman Dahil sa Daming Sakay na Pasahero

A lot of people commute every day, so no wonder public vehicles such as trains, jeeps, and buses are always crowded with a lot of people. Because it is hard to hitch a ride, some computers choice to ride even if they will only stand right throughout the ride because it is so jam-packed.

A certain Rene Rivera posted a picture on the social media that’s gone viral. The picture is a bus conductor hanging on the bus ceiling like Spiderman. The man hangs on the bus ceiling while collecting the fares because of the jammed pack bus by the commuters.

The said post has a caption of:

“Ganito na pala uso ngayon condoctor ng bus habang naniningil dahil sa dami ng pasahero. #spiderman”

It is obviously seen in the picture how jam-packed the bus is. And there is no way the collector could walk through the aisle so easily. That is why he chose to hang on the ceiling while his feet are stepping on the handrails.

What he was doing is very dangerous, as one sudden break of the bus, he would fall on the passengers. But because he had no other way to collect the passenger fares he did it.

Here are some reactions from around the web:

“Real life spiderman.”
“Hirap kumita ng pera para sa pamilya gagawin lahat.”
“Dapat naman kasi talaga hindi punuan ang bus. Kung magpapasakay ng tayuan dapat isang lane lang sa gitna. Ang girap tuloy bumaba. Dapat may limit lang din yung passenger sa bus.”
“Pag namawis kamay niyan laglag yan.”
“Hindi tama yan, delikado pa yan.”

Some expressed how worried they were if the man might fall, not only will he might be hurt but also the passengers under him.

What can you say about the Spiderman bus conductor guys?

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