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Dani Barretto, Nadulas at Nasabi Ito sa Isang Netizen. Kumpirmasyon Na Nga Ba Ito na Niloko ni Julia si Joshua?

Social media has taken over the globe, even the farthest part that we least expect it, but that’s not what we’re going to tell you here. Some got surprised, some got furious and some, well, they made memes for the trends and the mania going on about the lives and events of showbusiness stars specifically about the issue of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

There has been a news all over the internet about the couple stars’ eventuality, the steamingly hot info that circulated around the social media about the two, well, almost everybody already knew about that, first, that they are both back to being just best friends after their second anniversary.

After the revelation, there has been a post that added to the heat about Julia being linked to her “Between Maybes” co-star Gerald Anderson, the known boyfriend of Bea Alonzo. Although Bea revealed that there hasn’t been a breakup that took place in their relationship, BUT Gerald only stopped talking to her. A big oof right there, shouldn’t there be? And so, because of the escapade, the term “ghosting” went viral which defines as what Gerald did to Bea.

Amid the criticism, Julia’s family defended her. Her mother, Marjorie Barretto, clarified the controversial posts that involved Julia. The actress’s sister Dani Barretto also defended her against the cheating allegations.

Just recently, the grandmother of Julia, Inday Barretto even shared a piece of her mind. She slammed the bashers of her granddaughter. Just what would every loving grandmother would do, eh?

However, a recent Twitter reply of Dani to a netizen appeared to be confirming the cheating allegations against her younger sister. The said netizen was attacking Julia and as an older sister, she fired back. Dani said, “Oh let me correct myself. Nakarinig ba kayo ng paninira sa kapatid ko the first time he cheated on her too? Oh hindi mo alam yun noh? Marami kasi kayong hindi alam. Kaya manahimik nalang kayo.”

Netizens noticed the word “too”, as everybody would. Several social media users commented that Dani Barretto, with that word confirmed that Julia Barretto also cheated on Joshua Garcia. Yup there it is.

Some of the reactions are:
“Cheated on her TOO? So you’re basically admitting that Julia cheated AS WELL? Gosh nilaglag talaga sariling kapatid.”
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