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Divorce bill is pro-marriage, pro-family, and pro-children–Hontiveros

In contrast with the claim of the opposing party, the controversial divorce bill is actually “pro-marriage, pro-family, and pro-children”, Senator Risa Hontiveros said during the first Senate hearing on the divorce bill.

During the hearing, Hontiveros–who chairs the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations, and Gender Equality–said she believes and supports the institution of marriage; being a happily married woman herself. However, she also believes that women and children should have the right to turn the page and be free from abusive and loveless relationships.

“They, together with their children, deserve all the chances available in this world to build nurturing families and find true and meaninful relationships. The divorce bill is pro-marriage, pro-family, and pro-children,” the lady senator said.

“It makes us respect marriage more by being more discerning with our choices in life. It protects children from abuse and rebuilds broken families,” further stated.

In a previous interview, Hontiveros answered the question, “Is the Philippines ready for divorce?” She also compared divorce to annulment; the grounds, the price to pay, etc.

Watch this video to get informed:

Did you miss the “historic” first Senate hearing on divorce? You can still watch it through this livestream video:

Livestream: Senate hearing on divorce

Panoorin ang pagdinig ng Senado tungkol sa divorce bill.

Posted by GMA News on Monday, September 16, 2019

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