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From a Boy to Gay and Ended up Straight Man Again

There are lots of transformation of physical appearance that are going viral on Social Media. Some of the transformations include their change in height . Some are from fat to thin and from thin to fat , some are their complexion from tan to white and fair skin. Some of this transformations are accumulated on one’s puberty stage.

According to web.md early or precocious puberty is when a child reaches a physical or hormonal milestone — breast, testes, or pubic hair growth — before age 6 to 8 in girls or 9 in boys. Early puberty is linked with obesity in girls. Early puberty rarely is due to hormone exposure or a problem with the thyroid, ovaries, or brain.

A Facebook page named Puberty Hits is creating a buzz on Social Media as they are posting Puberty Hits stories that came from people who probably was hit hard by puberty.

They posted a photo of Arnie Quiambao from the Philippines that surprised many people for his transformation.

His transformation is unique because he is a born a boy and then decided to be a gay and later found out that he is already a straight guy.

There are lots of compliments that the guy receives and of course, there are lots of bashers also. In the end of the Facebook post of Puberty Hits there are also many girls who find him hot , handsome and nice.

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