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Guy Spends 12 Hours To ‘Relive’ Meteor Garden 2001 Memories

Meteor Garden is a Taiwanese mega-hit drama series starring Barbie Shu, Jerry Yan, Vic Zhou, Vanness Wu and Ken Chu. It is loosely based on Japanese shōjo manga series, Boys Over Flowers written by Yoko Kamio. The series was first broadcast in Taiwan on free-to-air Chinese Television System (CTS) from 12 April 2001 to 16 August 2001.

Meteor Garden was first aired on ABS-CBN in 2003 and probably the first successful Asianovela to hit the Philippines.



When ABS-CBN started airing its tagalog version, it peaked to an astounding 63.8%, one of the highest TV rating registered in Philippine history.


Recently, a man spent a total of 12 hours on the road to “relive” Meteor Garden 2001 memories; traveling to one of the hit Taiwanese series’ shooting location.

He shared that he went to the National Chung Cheng University or “Yingde University” in the show which is six hours away from the hotel where he stayed in if one opts to ride a train.

Ash Cruz wrote, “I traveled 12 hours (roundtrip) to the Southern part of Taiwan (Chiayi) to relive the memories of our first beloved Asianovela, Meteor Garden. The beautiful school is the National Chung Cheng University a.k.a. Yingde University”.

The secret why he did not mind the travel time? Well, he re-watched the series during the whole trip.



During his visit to the school, he wandered around the university as he searched for the buildings, cafes, and other places shown in the series that took a lot of countries by storm in the early 2000s.



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