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‘No CP, no signal’: Solon wants to send convicted drug lords to a West PH Sea island

A party-list representative wants convicted drug lords to be placed on an island in the West Philippine Sea; instead of having them exiled at the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), where they can still enjoy special privileges just by bribing prison guards.

Anti-Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support (ACT-CIS) Party-list Representative Niña Taduran said she wants convicted drug lords to be in that island to survive on their own; where there is “no cellphone signal, no guards to bribe and no means of escape.”

“There are numerous islets in the West Philippine Sea near Pagasa island being claimed by the Philippines, where someone with the ingenuity and resourcefulness of these convicted drug lords could survive on their own,” Taduran said in a statement.

The lady solon believes that the move is like hitting two birds with a stone.

“The move would solve not only all the problems hounding the NBP at the moment, but also help the Philippine government assert its claim over these islands in the West Philippine Sea, by populating them with Filipino prisoners,” she explained.

And since the military is in the area, we can make sure that no one leaves or enters these islands, she noted.

Moreover, the lawmaker suggested that other prisons can also be transferred to other prisons and use the NBP area instead to fund the government’s infrastructure project.

“Nasa likod lang ng Ayala Alabang ang NBP, mas pakikinabangan ng pamahalaan kung ibebenta na lang ang lupang ‘yan, kaysa patirahin diyan ang mga pasaway na druglords,” she noted.

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