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Raffy Tulfo, Di Pinaligtas ang Magkasintahang Nanakit sa Grab Driver

Working for the family is hard but with perseverance and diligence and the love for the family, it is worth it. In our daily lives, commuting is very common special to those who don’t have their own car or motorcycle to ride to and fro. The drivers were on the road all day and some even stay late hours in the night just to earn for their family. They were some drivers who are hard-headed in following the rules set by the LTFB but some are following it honestly. Even though they encounter problems because of following the said rules they stay on their ground and stand for what it is right.

A video of an enraged man who was talking and cursing a driver went viral. The driver was identified as Reynaldo Tugade who works as a driver in Grab PH. The enraged man in the video was Jan Jervie Mercado. His girlfriend, Rhea Sangil, was also seen in the video. She was the one who shoves Tugade’s cell phone.


The video received many reactions from the netizens that they seek Raffy Tulfo to help the poor driver. Which the latter immediately responded.

According to the video, Mercado insisted that his nephew ride in the taxi together with his other 4 relatives but the driver refused. Saying it is not allowed to have more than 4 passengers as per the policy of Grab.

On Raffy Tulfo’s program, he talked to Jack Tan, Operations Manager of Grab PH to clarify the said policy. And ask if a child can ride the taxi even if it has 4 passengers already as it is just a child. Mr. Tan said that it is not allowed and that the law is given by the LTFB and it is also part of the insurance if ever they had an accident.

“Actually po, as per LTFRB po regardless po kung toddler or infant, considered pa rin pong count as plus one po sya. Hindi po talaga i-aallow po ng driver po yun.” Tan said.

He added, that Mercado is not one of their Grab drivers as he claimed when they check it on their system. Tulfo had advised all the passengers regarding this incident.

“Ayan, para sa kaalaman ng lahat ng b*** tulad ni Mercado, kapag pumalag po ang sinakyan nyong Grab o kahit taxi o kahit anu paman yan, dahil sumusunod lang sya sa patakaran.” Raffy Tulfo.

Reynaldo Tugade has a black eye from the said incident and is now recovering at his home. Grab PH management said the driver has the trauma of what happened to him. They have been supporting Tugade’s case and also want all the commuters to be aware not to bully and hurt the drivers.

On the other side, Jan Jervie Mercado is now in jail at Masambong Police Station II ng QCPD charged with the case serious physical injury and malicious mischief. His girlfriend also, Rhea Sangil was charged with physical injury.

Today, September 12, 2019, Thursday. The Raffy Tulfo in Action team was scheduled to visit the Grab driver, Reynaldo Tugade and accompany him at Station 2. And convince him to add Grave Threat and Public Scandal charges to the couple. The team will also try to talk to the Women’s and Children’s Desk of QCPD if it is possible to add Child Abuse to the couple who were enraged and an underage relative has seen them. The child might suffer trauma from it.

Raffy Tulfo in Action team expressed their gratefulness to the QCPD Station 2 through their YouTube channel for responding immediately.

Indeed, Raffy Tulfo is the hero of the oppressed.

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